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Dr. Alice Stanback Staff Writer

Dr. Stanback teaches English and Social Studies at Oakhaven Alternative Education Center.   She received a Ph.D. in Philosophy Intercultural Education from Biola University, School of Intercultural Studies in La Mirada, California.  Before joining the teaching staff at Memphis City Schools, she taught three years in Beijing China at Beijing Second Foreign Language College.  She is the first African American to develop a theory of cognition and believes that education should mirror the real world and consist of praxis as well as practice.  Each student in the classroom can and should be properly educated, affording him or her maximum future opportunities. 

Mr. Garrick Florence

Mr. Garrick Florence teaches Mathematics and Science at Oakhaven High Alternative Education Center.  Recently he received a MBA from Union University and aspires to acquire a Ph.D. in education in the near future.   Additionally, he heads the distant learning program at the center.

Mr. Ron Davis Behavior Specialist

Mr. Ron Davis is a behavior specialist at Oakhaven High Alternative Education Center.  Before coming to the center, he was a part of the Memphis City Schools Tall Trees staff.  

Mary Jones Caseworker

Mrs. Mary Jones is the inveterate  staff member at Oakhaven High Alternative Education Center.  She works tireless serving the students assigned to her.  She had a grandson that she loves dearly and this love is reflected in the work that she does for Alternative Education Programs.   


Student Artwork

Courtesy of Mr. Terrell Johnson                                        "Painted by a student who committed suicide" 


Student Art Work
"Wall of Remembrance"

Student Art Work
"Nine Eleven"

Dr. Stanback believes that each child has latent talents and potentials and uses art as a means of discovering them.  She also uses art as a medium for teaching English and Social Studies.

Thanksgiving Dinner at Memphis Union Mission

Dr. Stanback and the staff at Oakhaven High Alternative Education  Center believes in exposing the students to a variety of experiences, one of which is community service projects.  During the Thanksgiving holiday, the students along with the Memphis Grizzlies, served dinner to the homeless at Memphis Union Mission.

Mr. Terrell Johnson and Coworker

Mr. Terrell Johnson

Mr. Terrell Johnson & Mr. Davis

Mr. Terrell Johnson

Mr. Terrell Johnson


Students Looking at Display

The staff at Oakhaven High Alternative  Center encourages the participation of stakeholders in the educational process.   Mr. Terrell Johnson is a special appointee of Mayor Willie Herenton to the drug prevention arm of the City of Memphis Police Department.











































Presentation of Check to YWCA                                      Administrators YWCA and Alternative Education Pro.

Winning Poster

Mr. Ray Coordinator, Rep. of YWCA, Mrs. Nickelberry Supervisor, Director YWCA, Mr. Pope Director AEP

Students at Alternative Education Programs raised $100.00 recycling cans to help fight domestic violence.  In a formal ceremony, a check was presented to the local Director of the YWCA.   



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