Henry Richmond

Henry (40) & Percilla (36) Richmond

According to the 1870 census, Henry and Percilla were both born in Virginia.  They were both Black and all the children were Black.  He signed William (Billy) Richmond's marriage license.  This was needed for Billy to get married. 

Byron male 15
Calvin male 13
William male 8
Annie female 5
Rufus male 3
Victoria female 1/2  or 1 1/2 years old

William M. (Billy) Richmond (50) & Ada Harris (40) Richmond

According to the 1910 census, Billy was Black and Ada and the children were mulatto.  Both were born in Mississippi; they were married February 18, 1888. 

Georgie female 16
(John) Ellis male 15 (Married Ethel Woods January 19, 1917)
Grover male 14
Ellen female 12
Boyce male 7
John Ellis & Ethel Richmond

Jasper male
Ellen female
Alfred Lee male
John Ellis male
Boyce male
Martha Ann female
Ethel female
Alma female

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