Richmond Family Pictures & Stanback Family Pictures



Luanna & Sam McGowan, parents of Eva McGowan Stanback

Morris & Alberta Stanback Richmond's eight children

Morris Richmond's Clan

Charlotte Stanback & Children

Eva McGowan Stanback & Mary Stanback Davis

Eva McGowan Stanback (far left)

Alma Richmond Hamm, daughter of John Ellis & Ethel Woods Richmond

Lolita Stanback Scott Tucker, daughter of Eliehue Stanback Jr. & Loistene Clark Stanback

Onward Stanback, parents Clint & Evan Stanback

Walter Stanback

Clyde Stanback, son of Henry and Charlotte Stanback (2nd wife)

Hayes Stanback, father Henry Stanback & Charlotte Stanback (2nd wife)

Ellen Richmond Stanback & Eliehue Stanback Sr., son of Clint & Eva Stanback

Cliff Stanback, son of Henry Stanback & Charlotte Anthony Stanback

Claude Stanback, son of Henry Stanback & Charlotte Stanback

Lucinda Stanback, Clarence Stanback's wife

Shed & Delores Stanback, (3rd and far right) son of Clint & Eva Stanback

Charlie Stanback Jr., son of Charlie & Pankie Mims Brunson

Lonzo Stanback's father

Eliehue Stanback Sr. & Clarence Stanback (Minnie)

Edward Stanback, son of Henry Stanback & Charlotte Anthony Stanback

Edward Stanback

Stanback Clan

Eliehue Stanback Jr. & Ann Gladney Stanback

Lolita, Rodney & Eliehue Stanback Jr.

Daris Scott, son of Lolita Stanback Scott Tucker

Delores Ann Stanback Smith Parker & Bobby Parker

Dedra Stanback

Clarence Stanback & daughters

Eliehue Stanback Sr. (4th from left)

Pat & Orlando Stanback (front and back center)

Eliehue Stanback Jr.

Eliehue Stanback Jr. & Susie Littlefield, daughter of Mack Woods, brother of Ethel Woods Richmond, wife of John Ellis Richmond

Eliehue Stanback Jr. and Boyce Richmond

Eliehue Stanback Sr. with Dr. MLK Jr. (See names on picture.) Signing papers that led to the Voting Rights Act.



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