McGowan, Stanback & Richmond







The McGowan & Stanback 
family  members  are descendents of free
Africans  who were enslaved and brought
to America.  The Richmond family members  were not enslaved.  The above links  will take you to pages containing information about their family histories.  This information has been collected by family members from oral history, news papers, court documents and such.  Members of each family contributed to these pages.  If you are a family member and would like to contribute to the "History by Family" page, or get more information about either family, please e-mail the addresses below, or contact us via the
Feedback Page.  To the right is a link to "Maps of Africa".   These are up-to-date maps of the continent of Africa.  Please enjoy.  The families hopes that  you enjoy reading about their history because they enjoyed researching and writing it.

  Thank you.


To add to the family history, please submit your request to

 Maps of Africa  


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