Stanback Family Reunion
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The Medicine Woman
The Medicine Woman
Charles Biggs


Videos of Richmond Family Plot 1996

Thad and Lue Ellen Pictures

Janes Thomas Funeral Pictures

Thomas and Ollie Mae Pictures

Shelia's Thanksgiving Pictures

John_Ellis's_Brother's_Kids Pictures


Lolita's Pictures

Earl Stanback's Children Pictures

Ann Stanback's Pictures

Fay Morris New Years Pictures

Christmas Pictures 2009

Recent Deaths In The McGowan Stanback & Richmond Family

Family History of Presley Nelms Stanback, Slave-owner of Black Stanbacks in NC & Byhalia, Mississippi

An Integrated Model of Human Cognition in Dissertation and Article Format by Dr. Alice Stanback

An Integrative Model of Human Cognition by Alice Stanback, Ph. D.
(In Memory of Dr. John Ogbu a Member of My Dissertation Committee)

Black America Web News

OXiDE Search
(Hosted by Laverne and Eddie Davis, Laverne is the daughter of Thad and Lue Ellen Davis)

Project Gutenberg: Free Classics Online (Great for the young and the old)

National Alliance of Black School Educators

African-America Shopping Mall

African-American Genealogical Society of Northern California

African National Congress


African-American Male Involvement Research Project

African-American Shakespeare

Little Africa

Memphis Grizzlies at Union Rescue Mission Thanksgiving Meal

Read Article Grizzlies Memphis Union Mission Thanksgiving Meal

100 Black Men


AAGSNC Genealogical Resources Directory

Turning Point

Ethio Top 10 Links

Black Web Portal

Titans Online

Black Press USA

Tennessee Tribune

Black Presence In Britain

The Astors: Eliehue Stanback Jr. 's Early Recording History

What's Happening in Memphis, Tennessee

Dr. Alice Stanback's Dissertation
(You need an
Acrobat Reader to view this dissertation.  If you do not have one, please click
acrobat reader above to acquire a free one.  Thank you)

Nelson Mandela a Model of Leadership published by Ebi Davids, Gwendolyn

Hill-Shields & Alice Marie Stanback, Ph. D.

My Favorite Book: Wuthering Heights

Technology and Its Potential Impact on the Welfare of Women in Benin
Presented at Wake Forest University by Alice Stanback, Ph.D.
September 8, 2002 at the
Globalization, Liberation and the Role of Women in Development
in Africa in the 21st Century Conference

Professor Sylvain Hounkponou Boko's, son-in-law of Mr. & Mrs. William Earl
Stanback and the husband of Mrs. Tandika Stanback Boko, newly released
text book, "Decentralization and Reform in Africa".  To purchase it go to

Recommended Book: "The Emperor's New Clothes: Biological Theories of Race at the Millennium"
by Dr. Joseph L. Graves Jr.  To purchase it go to

A must read for teens and adults, "What's Love Got to Do With It?: Love Power Sex and God and Companion Workbook."
by Rev. Dr. Frank Anthony Thomas.  An excellent book about sex, love, relationships and God.
Think what you would do differently only if you had known.

Biblical Foundations by Alice Marie Stanback, Ph.D.  This book is designed for lay
people who are seeking a ministry inside or outside the local church.  Please
print, work through and use it.  May God richly bless you.

Photos from Eliehue Stanback Jr.'s birthday party,
August 10, 2002, Memphis, Tennessee

View Pictures From MSR 2002 Family Reunion in Memphis, TN

View Pictures From Stanback 2002 Family Reunion in North, Carolina

Pictures from Sylvain Boko's conference at Wake Forest University,
"Globalization, Liberation and the Role of Women in Development
in Africa in the 21st Century Conference"

Alice's Christmas 2002 In New York

Meet Mr. Wayne Booker of Julia B. Hooks Enhancement Center

Friends of Alternative Education Programs

Dr. Alice Marie Stanback Alternative Edge Staff Writer Homepage

Family Deaths

Christmas 2003 Family & Guest Pictures

Dr. Alice Marie Stanback's Adventures  in Beijing, China

New Year 2004 Breakfast at Flo's

Prayer Request Page

Yohance Stanback & Family - Please Keep Them Lifted Up To God In Prayer

Eliehue Stanback Sr. & Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Eliehue Stanback Sr., Active In The Civil Rights Movement

Mrs. Ann Stanback's Surprise Birthday Party

Uncle Boyce's 68th Year Surprise Birthday Party

Landon Tahir Stanback's Pictures While His Father Yohance Is In Iraq

To View all the Pictures from the 2000 MSR Family Reunion and Eliehue Stanback's birthday party, go to
Sony Image Station and enter the USER NAME
msrfr and PASSWORD family.  When you access the site,
on the left side of the page in the light blue border, click
GO TO MY IMAGE STATION and select the
photo book that you wish to view.  Enjoy!

Delores Ann Stanback Smith Parker Returned to Memphis for the Melrose School Reunion

Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church Small Cell Facilitator Handbook

Pictures of Tiger's Two Weeks Home From Iraq, a Bar-B-Q et.

Boko Family's Visit to Memphis October 2004

Dr. Carol Johnson's National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE) Reception

Landon Stanback December 7, 2004

Christmas 2004 at Pat's

New Year's Day 2005 at Lolo's

Daris Stanback Scott Tucker's Baptism Pictures

Pictures of Ellen Richmond Stanback and Eliehue Stanback Sr.

Lil Olabunmi Stanback & Robert Lydell Burroughs's Wedding

Davis Family Pictures

Thad Davis Family Pictures

Bo and Massareno Stanback Richmond Family Page

Thad & Mary Stanback Davis Family Pictures

The Renowned Larry Woodard

Christmas 2005 in New York,  Dinner with the Strauss Family, Larry Woodard, and Metropolitan Opera Stars

Benin Africa Summer 2006 Trip





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