This is our family photo gallery.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you would like to submit family member pictures to the gallery, please e-mail your request to the email address below. 

The first 7 pictures are Alice Stanback with Way of the Cross Missions, at the "Big Feed" in Aldama Mexico, December 2000.  If you are interested in going on the next Big Feed, please click the above link and get information about signing up.    To view more pictures of the 2002 McGowan Stanback & Richmond Family Reunion, click here (Some may be duplicates).  To view McGowan Stanback & Richmond family histories and pictures, click Family History by Family 

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Aldama Mexico

Aldama Mexico

Aldama Mexico

Aldama Mexico

Alice at a roadside service in Aldama Mexico

Alice at "Big Feed"

Alice roadside in Aldama Mexico

Alice at "The Neighborhood School" after school project

Alice's pastor Rev. Dr. Frank A. Thomas of MBCC

Alice's favorite picture from Aldama Mexico

Children of Jeannette and William Stanback

Jeannette Stanback

William Earl Stanback

Lil Stanback

Alice & Lil Stanback

Taiwo Stanback

Taiwo & Buddy Gillum

2002 Family reunion Pictures

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