Sick and Shut-in

Yohance Stanback & family. Pray that Yohance can mentally and physically assimilate back into civilian
society and the health of his family

A friend of the family, Brother Alonzo Levert , has prostate cancer.   

A friend of the family, Rev. George Moore, had a parasite from Africa and Alzheimer's disease.

Friend of the family, Bonnie Green, has colon cancer.  

Hattie McGowan Mckay, general health and acute arthritis and Bob McKay who had a mind stroke.

Shirley Banister, that she maintains good health

Havannah King, sister of the late Eva Stanback & Lenora McGowan (Chicago, Illinois)
Aunt Havannah King
passed away June 26, 2003 at the age of 103.  May God rest her soul!

Tommie Gillum, mother of Jeannette Stanback  (Memphis, Tennessee)

Alf & Myrtle Richmond , (Alf) brother of the late Ellen Richmond Stanback (Louisville, Kentucky)

Boyce Richmond, brother of the late Ellen Richmond Stanback (Olmstead, Illinois)

Nichols Stanback, brother of the late Eliehue Stanback (Memphis, Tennessee

Alma Hamm, sister of the late Ellen Richmond Stanback (Flint, Michigan)

Beulah Stanback-Cathey, daughter of Cliff Stanback & granddaughter of Henry Stanback
 (Chicago, Illinois)

Ethel Richmond, sister of Ellen Stanback, has acute arthritis.

Eliehue Stanback Jr. has arthritis and Ann Stanback has diabetes.

Rolanda Lynn Davis Passed Away April 16, 2003

Charlie Richmond, son of Alberta Stanback Richmond & grandson of Henry Stanback
(Memphis, Tennessee)
Passed Away November 29, 2003

Henrietta Richmond-Ganoway Passed Away January 10, 2004

Sonja Richmond-Saulsberry Passed Away June 30, 2004

Shirley Bell Withers, Doris Wright's sister  Passed Away September 14, 2004 in Memphis, Tennessee

Beauth Benson-Hobbs Passed Away October, 2004

Mattie McGowan, Wife of Theotis McGowan, Passed Away November 4, 2004 at Age 91

Charlotte Stanback Passed Away August 3, 2005

Perry Benson Passed Away March 2006 in Memphis, TN

Alma Richmond Hamm Passed Away July 22, 2006 in Detroit, Michigan of a heart attach

O.D. Hamm Jr., husband of Alma Richmond Passed Away Janurary 24, 2009 in Flint, Michigan from colon cancer.

Hayden Atahiya Passed Away February 7, 2009



Please Pray for Them

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 Larry "Poncho" Brown




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